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At one time, telecommunications required physical wires connecting homes and businesses. In contemporary society, technology has gone mobile; digital, wireless technology with hundreds of beneficial features and applications is becoming the primary form of communication. This constant evolution requires an advisor that represents all major carriers and solution providers. MKO Advisors is vendor-neutral and supplier agnostic and therefore we work hand in hand with you, our client, to find the best carriers for your specific operation.   

MKO Advisors will do the following all at no cost to you:

Optimize your traditional voice and mobile expenses

  • We audit your current telecom environment, including landlines, toll free service, fax, internet and cellular services.
  • We conduct vendor rate and data plan comparisons.
  • We analyze current carrier discounts across the industry.
  • With our gold partner status we obtain wholesale pricing for clients.
  • We can lower your costs without changing carriers.
  • We can change your carrier if quality of service is an issue while reducing your costs
  • We do this across all the major telecom and mobile providers (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, etc.)

Outsource Administration Work

  • We provide contract review and management
  • We will negotiate on your behalf with carriers
  • Mobile Device ordering, provisioning, disposal and reporting

Provide IT Expertise

  • Receive unparalleled support on all your telecom and mobile devices
  • Receive a dedicated account manager for all your telecom and mobile devices