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As your trusted and complimentary advisor, we help you with your IoT and AI projects from start to finish.

Businesses are now frequently looking to boost productivity and operational efficiency with IoT and AI technology. We absolutely love helping companies brainstorm technical solutions that will streamline their operations, accelerate productivity and make them a leader in their marketplace.

Here’s what we do for you (all at no cost):

  • We will secure test pilot agreements from technology partners and assist with testing.
  • We will conduct a solution providers cost comparison.
  • We will facilitate calls and meetings with technology providers and help move projects through their road maps.
  • We will negotiate with the best IoT solutions providers on your behalf.
  • With our gold partner status we obtain wholesale pricing for clients.

Various IoT projects to consider:

  • Wearable Technology
  • Smart Cities, Smart Energy, Smart security, Smart retail
  • Industrial Automation
  • Telemedicine